2024 Vendor Markets

Trendy Pineapple Boutique invites you to join us for our 2024 Vendor Markets. We work alongside The Local Chamber of Commerce and the community to find vendors to showcase their products. There will be one show a month expect for June and July. We would love to see you at these events and show all the vendors your support.

2024 Vendor Market Dates

January Vendor Market - January 20th, 2024 9am-3pm

February Vendor Market - February 17th, 2024 9am-3pm

March Vendor Market - March 16th, 2024 9am-3pm

April Vendor Market - April 20th, 2024 9am-3pm

May Vendor Market - May 11th, 2024 9am-3pm

August Vendor Market - August 17th 9am-3pm

September Vendor Market - TBA (City-Wide Garage Sale Weekend)

October Vendor Market - October 26th, 2024 9am-3pm

November Vendor Market - November 30th, 2024 9am-3pm

December Vendor Market - December 21st, 2024 9am-3pm


Our show hours will be 9am-3pm at Trendy Pineapple Boutique. You will receive a 8x8 space and it will be $10 to signup. This fee is nonrefundable. Please contact Bethany at 641-923-1818 with any questions.

PLEASE EMAIL trendypineappleboutique@gmail.com TO SIGN UP OR CALL 641-923-1818 DURING OUR STORE HOURS.